Picture by Jeffrey Slangen

Picture by Jeffrey Slangen

Singer Dee ann started singing a very long time ago in a Doo Wop singing group with Miss Mary Ann. Later on she played the piano with The Greyhound at the Rockhouse festival in 1988.
She started a musical adventure in several bands and music styles. But now she returns to her first love: rock and roll. She found three superb musicians to back her up.

Dee-Ann loves the music of: Elvis Presley, The Jets, The Keytones, The Blue Hawaiians, Barrence Whitfield, Dixie Chicks, Theresa Brewer, The Caddilacs and other Doo Wop bands.

Her favorite song: Girlfriend from the Caddilacs

To see the people dance or sing along with the music, is what she likes about playing.

Dee-Ann thinks that music is a perfect therapist.

Best memory’s of gigs:

When I was in my teens, we sang on the street in Rotterdam at Queensday, with our Doo Wop singing group. There were 4 girls and one guitarplayer. We were singing our hearts out with no amplifiers or whatsoever. When a barrel organ stood next to us, we were just beaten. 🙁

With one of my former bands I was playing at the beach in Scheveningen. Some family members came to see us. There were tears in their eyes. I hope they were tears of joy 😉

Dee-Ann with the Greyhound, back in the eighties