Dee-Ann and The Nightcaptains

Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains. A Rockabilly quartet from Rotterdam The Netherlands.
The bandmembers met many years ago at the Rotterdam Rock and Roll place to be: Jailhouse. After playing seperately in several bands like The Scam, Powerdog, Wild Cats, 69 Beavershot, they met again en decided to play together with Dee-Ann.

Dee-Ann is a spicy singer who uses everything she’s got to move the band and the crowd to dance, sing and have fun with the music.

In 2011 they proudly received the Andy Tielman award from mister Tielman himself.

Mars is bassplayer of bands like 69Beavershot and Triple Dynamite and with drummer Rene he really makes a solid rhythm section.
Wim is a fabulous guitarslinger and singer who was one of the founders of legendary Dutch rock and roll band the Wildcats and who also was frontman of Powerdog.
The music, outfits and the appearance really take you back to the swinging jiving fifties. Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains really have fun on stage, so it is not only listening and dancing, but it is also very entertaining to look at them. They have touched the hearts of many Rockabilly fans, but they have even converted blues- to Techno/ House lovers to their rockabilly fun.
Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains play covers of Elvis, Bil Haley, Janis Martin, Johnny Cash, etc. but a growing number selfwritten original songs are also in the show. A perfect recipe for a quartet that made a lot of rock and roll milage and that will rock the house wherever they go.

Listen to Wiggy Waggy Woo. Click on the green button: