Rock and roll meeting Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven 2012

Rock and Roll meeting Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven started it’s first edition in 1981. Ever since it is famous in Europe. People from abroad come over to enjoy the music, oldtimers and rock and roll market. There’s also a hairdresser salon, to get the ladies their fifties hairdo.
We were the first band to open 2012’s meeting. Next in line were: Rudy La Crioux & the All Stars (UK), The Megatons (France), The Spuny Boys (France), The Rockin’ Shots (Belgium) en Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes (Italy).

It was an honor for us to be on stage at this meeting with it’s long history. The sound was awesome. A lot of friends of ours in the audience. The weather was great. We had a blast. If you follow me on facebook, you’ll know that next to music my passions are shoes and food. While I was singing I could smell the lovely smell of Indonesian food, because they sold it next to the stage. After the show I orderd a plate of Nasi goreng with Ayam Kari, Babi Kecap, Nasi Kuning and sambal goreng Buncis with krupuk. Paddy, the owner and cook asked: are you the one who was just singing and shouted “nasi nasi” all the time?
Yes that was me.

I love Indonesian food.


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