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Tourlist Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


  • January 13th, Burlesque Kingdom, Amsterdam
  • February 10th, Burlesque Kingdom, Amsterdam
  • February 19th, De Nieuwe Boet, Watergang
  • May 5th, Private Wedding, Amsterdam
  • June 10th, dorpshuis ‘t Uivernest, Hank
  • July 8th: Rockin’ around Giethoorn
  • August 19th: Historisch Festival Vreeland
  • September 2nd, Cruise Brothers, Den Haag
  • September 16th, De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
  • September 21th, Private Party, Scheveningen
  • November, 5th, Cultureel Centrum Ammerstol
  • December, 2nd, Private party 2018:
  • January, 13th, Essen, Belgium
  • January, 27th, Rockabilly Indoor (Dolhuis), Dordrecht, 20.30 uur
  • April 27th, dorpshuis ‘t Uivernest, Hank

And a lot more gigs to be announced soon!